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            Live A Life By Chance Or Begin Creating A Life By Choice


As a psychotherapist, analytical and clinical hypnotherapist and trainer, my goal is to help you uncover your true potential and ensure that you lead a life that is worth celebrating.


 I use a number of different therapeutic approaches which can be tailored to meet your individual needs, ensuring you obtain your desired goals.

 People are motivated and committed to a personal development programme for a variety of reasons, some may be going through a major life transition (unemployment, divorce, new job, etc.) or are not handling stressful circumstances well.

Others need assistance in managing a range of other issues such as low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, addictions, relationship problems, sexual problems, spiritual conflicts and creative blocks.

Whatever your challenges may be feel assured that things can be improve with a small investment of time and with your participation and dedication you can begin to create a life by choice.

In addition to therapy I provide for personal growth, I also provide online life coaching.


 Others may be at a point in their lives where they are ready to learn more about themselves.

 Get more clarity and a better sense of direction to various areas of their life they would like to enhance or simply having someone to reflect upon their ideas and to keep them motivated to stay on course to achieve the specific goals that they set for themselves.    


 Self hypnosis has stood the test of time for many years as an aid to stress relievement from work related challenges, personal emotional challenges and environmental challenges. 

Developing your personal values and realigning your beliefs in relation to what you may think is possible to achieve.

Personal discovery and understanding of the origin on personal behaviours can provide that much more clarity and understanding of self, empowering you to be at cause and not at effect of past, present or future circumstances or even others impact in your life.                   

Committing to a personal development programme of therapy, ongoing coaching or training can provide some necessary encouragement and help to get their desired outcomes.    

People that do commit to a personal development programme are ready to take the necessary steps to make changes for  more productive and rewarding lives.


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