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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains


"The coaching provided has been an amazing experience, the coaching is still something I am still carrying on with. The level of experience and experience that Markos has is something I have never experienced before. A true master of his trade!
Looking forward to many more years working together."




"Where to begin.... Markos is an absolutely exceptional clinician. He made me feel very safe as we went to very unsafe places in my mind to release old emotions and trauma which were impacting my current life.

In addition care and attention Markos took to educate me as we went through the process was critical to my understanding and ability to face the things I needed to address.

I am completing treatment with enormous trust in myself, as an individual, mother, athlete, friend and a huge confidence in my professional contribution and skills of creation.

And the impact of working with him has gone way beyond me as an individual and impacted both immediate family and close friends.

The impact and influence of his work is... immeasurable. Don't hesitate."

A very very very happy client





"At first I did not know the great impact hypnotherapy and coaching could have on a person, until I was that person.

It's like with everything, Tell me the answer to something you do not know? Exactly.

It has helped me to help myself in all areas of my life. I am the person I was meant to be. I am in control now. I am at cause for everything that happens and I can learn and grow from this.

I started my coaching with very little self worth, numerous limiting beliefs and a whole closet full of things that I was not aware where holding me back. Living life in a vicious circle.

Today here I am! With solid foundations to build my life on and a great life I am building. I am worthy of everything I desire and I am in control of my state of mind each and everyday. My relationships with everyone around me have improved massively and more so the relationship with myself. I am sure yours will to.

I have so much love for what I have discovered and that it is possible to have the life you deserve.

I could not of reached this point without firstly deciding to take that first step and secondly without markos and his expertise that enabled me to see my world in a way it would serve me. Before I reached this point, I had to deal with the rocky foundations that I was stood upon. This meaning deal with my past my conditioning and many things that shaped who I was. It was not easy but are any of the best outcomes in life a easy journey.

I know a beach body would look great! And I have to put the effort in to get that.

I wish you all the best on your journey what ever you choose that to be."



 "Amazing people. Really helped us to deal with our daughter's sleeping disorder."

Yianna Constantinou


" Markos has helped me take control of my life, helping me to become the best person I can be in a professional, positive and caring manner. Dealing with emotional issues I carried around from a very young age, not only that but guiding me in the right direction to achieving my goals successfully.  Over a period of time I have made dramatic changes through the use of his techniques."



I've had therapy sessions on and off the past year with Markos. I've always found I have more strength, energy and contentment after a session.  Went to see him for six sessions about why I don't feel happy anymore.  The results after the six sessions were amazing and have been great ever since."

Chris Stewart

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